Jill Augusto: Who Are You and Why Do We Care?

I’m going to get a bit personal  here for a sec. Its been a rough few weeks/months personally. There have been moments where I’ve spent hours wrestling with my mind, my thoughts, and being overcome with anxiety. I’ve spoken to friends, family, my dog (yes he does talk back), used yoga and meditation, taken holy basil, tried acupuncture, and other things that I wont bore you with here. What I found is that literally NOTHING helped like the therapy of music.

Just having the ability to express your inner most thoughts over a beautiful creative platform like music, must be a pretty moving and therapeutic form of expression for artists. This month’s PR Profile is with Jill Augusto who spearheads the PR and Special events for Warner Bros Records. She is not only a woman I admire for her tenacity to get shit done and juggle so many roles within the music and PR industry, but she has (in my eyes) a dream job. Read on for more about Jill and her favorite dancing style: A freaking LIGER! Seriously?

644086_10151347458986204_626586404_nVG: Who are you?

JA: A half Portuguese, Irish and French Canadian from Boston! Which means I have the whole tanning, drinking and cooking thing down. I work at Warner Bros. Records and have been in PR for a few years now. I have recently expanded to special events which a fun addition to the everyday publicity. It’s good to mix things up – keeps the creative juices flowing.

VG: Why do we care?

JA: Caring is sharing! We all try SO hard to do the best job we can do. It never gets easier, but we can always help support each other.

VG: Top 5 personality traits or characteristics that you need to survive in PR:

JA: Thick skinned, Camelon-like, Listening, Relationships, Humor

VG: In two words, PR is…

JA: Communication Management

VG: The best city for a PR career in music is _____ and why?

JA: The only city I have ever done PR in is Los Angeles so I guess I am biased. It would either be LA or NYC, that is where a majority of outlets are based these days in addition to online. I’ve always wanted to check out Nashville too!

VG: Last time you got really excited about something was…

JA: One of my favorite artists Gregory Siff painted me an art piece on the back of my leather jacket while I was wearing it AT his show last month. Such a fun surprise! It came out rad.

VG: Tell me a secret

JA: What I wouldn’t give to take a nap for 5 years (sad I know…)

 VG: If your dance style was an animal, which would it be and why?

JA: It’s more like a Liger these days – I like to sit back and watch my prey from a far 😉




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