Shiva Rose: Who Are You and Why Do We Care?

We stumbled across her site a few months ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. Holistic, organic and healthy living..yes please! I could not help but reach out to Shiva and we met over Moon Juice in Venice a few months ago. Her energy is infectious, her smile is heart-felt, and her beauty radiates like a summer day. This actress turned blogger is an incredible example of just how you can remain committed to your life’s purpose and message in an authentic and credible way. Read on for more of our interview:

ShivaRose-70-LVG: Who are you?


SR: I am a mama, an actress, and activist and writer for my site The Local Rose.


VG: Why do we care?


SR: You care because I have great eco conscious tips on my life style web site The Local Rose.


VG: Name your top 5 personality traits or characteristics that you feel have enabled you to be so successful.


SR: I am tenacious, original, inventive, adventurous, humble, and kind (I hope)


VG: Where are you right now?


SR: Physically I am writing on my table overlooking a beautiful vista of trees. Spiritually I am working on being present and grateful for each day.


VG: If you didn’t have to work to make money, what would you do?


SR: I would do what I am doing now. I would also do more service.


VG: Last charity you gave to, participated in, or worked together with?
SR: HEART a charity I work with that helps women that have been raped and abused. It is based with VIP in Los Angeles.


VG: Paste your last tweet here:


SR: Learning how to indigo dye!


VG: Favorite social media forum?
SR: Instagram


VG: So now what?


SR: I will be opening an online store soon to go with my site.


VG: Tell me a secret.


SR: I am a love addict! But who isn’t??


ABOUT Shiva Rose:

Shiva Rose is an actress, writer, activist and mother who created the eco-holistic lifestyle web site

The Local Rose. She is known for her unique style and has written for various publications. She lives

with her two daughters in the Santa Monica Mountains.


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