Elisa Kosonen: Who Are You and Why Do We Care?

Sometimes I daydream about the life of being a magazine editor at a high profile fashion glossy like Elle UK or Vogue Australia. I find that the career paths, as well as day to day activities are very similar. We both spend a large amount of our days doing “research”, writing, editing, writing, editing more, trying to make people “believe” in us and our clients, and dealing with high pressure situations and ever looming deadlines. 

When I go to New York for media trips, I often sit there and ponder, “How exactly did this girl dressed in an outfit much like mine, get to such an illustrious position?” Most of us will come to find out that, especially at the bigger magazines, editors are more than often chosen for their connection over qualifications. Then again, isnt that a lot of industries? That is ESPECIALLY how it works in pr. 

I met our blog subject, Fashion editor turned publicist extraordinaire, in Vancouver. She is every bit the prime example of how I describe the majority of Canadian fashion editors that I know, “Sincere, kind, polite, overly nice to a T, well educated, and very knowledgeable about the international fashion market.” I love seeing women I know succeed and even more so love to see how Elisa made the transition from editorial to pr world and didn’t even miss a beat. Read on to hear more. ImageVG: Who are you?

EK: A former fashion editor turned public relations consultant and copywriter.

VG: What makes you tick?

EK: Words, music and compassion. Oh, and pointy heels and organic face masks.

VG: Why do we care?

EK: I just started my own consultancy, EDK PR + Communications and I am building a unique, personal approach for each client. PR is basically the flipside of fashion and beauty journalism. Neither can live without the other. I have a unique perspective of understanding what a day in the life of a busy editor looks like.

My experience as an editor also means that I work with brands that have products and services I truly believe in. If they were pitched to me, would I write about them? I have a particular passion for products that are not only beautiful, but sustainable too.

VG: Name your top 5 personality traits or characteristics that you feel have enabled you to be so successful.

EK :I hope it’s due to the fact that I’m passionate, thoughtful, proactive, resourceful and kind.

VG: Where are you right now?

EK: At my desk in Vancouver, with the sun streaming through my windows. It’s a beautiful city.

ImageVG: If you didn’t have to work to make money, what would you do?

EK :Honestly, I would probably continue to work, but combine it with way more travel and reading.

VG: Last charity you gave to, participated in, or worked together with?

EK: I’m currently working with the incredible women of The Looking Glass Foundation, Canada’s national foundation for eating disorder awareness.


VG: Paste your last tweet here:

EK: “Interesting vegan debate, but beautiful handbag by Stella McCartney made exclusively with wool via @Fashionista_com http://bit.ly/W8I6Hl

I’m working with a young designer who creates this incredible faux fur with hand-felted wool. It’s amazing how when you discover something and research it you start seeing it everywhere. I’m excited to see how this technique will grow in the fashion industry.

VG: Favorite social media forum?

EK: Instagram. I love how retailers can turn those posts into immediate sales. I’ve been that customer on more than one occasion.

VG: So now what?

EK: I plan on expanding my business and am excited to take on new creative projects. And I’ll probably have a glass of wine.

VG: Tell me a secret.

EK: I listen to Otis Redding while I work. 


Chat more with Elisa on Twitter at: @edk_pr


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