A Stress Free Life in PR?

Each year reports come out about the most stressful jobs in the country and PR is always up there in the top 10. Having the opportunity throughout my career to work both in-house, in an agency, as well as having my company, I have to say that the amount of stress is really different based on your working environment and how you effectively deal with stress.

eoin_blissology_bliss_armySince moving back to LA a few years ago, I have really delved into the yoga culture that we have here in the city. It’s a pretty unique, almost “cult like” atmosphere here that pits the hottest, newest, coolest yoga trends and teachers against the “laid back” vibe of California. To me, it’s all about finding a balance between the physical and mental experience that you need to feel that zen vibe after your yoga class which I try to use as a tool throughout my day. Not that I’m reinventing the wheel here, but I can say that yoga can brought to my life and to my career two incredibly important elements when dealing with my day-to-day PR life.

The number 1 tip is; how to use my breath. We all think, “Breathing is easy. I do it everyday,” but that’s not necessarily true. When you learn how to breathe deeply and with intention, you are able to calm your nervous system. I find deep breathing exercises, if even only taking 3 deep breaths an hour, enable’s me to focus more clearly on tasks at hand and respond more efficiently in high stress situations.

The number 2 tip that I take from my yoga practice is; mind over matter. I do a hot yoga class about twice a week which is all about holding pose’s for up to 10 minutes in room that is about 105 degrees. While this teaches me physical flexibility and strength, it has also “trained” me to look past the immediate reactions in my mind to a situation at hand and be present. Its kind of like meditation in a way. Try it out next time you are going into a high stress meeting with a client. Stop your mind from going to what could happen and be present. You can only control this moment right here and right now.

A long time client of my and famed yogi, Eoin Finn, inspired me to create this posting based on his feature on What Yoga Has Taught Him. Check it out for a unique perspective on his lessons from the yoga mat.


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