WESTWARD BOUND! My picks for an LA Weekend


I’ll be NYC bound in a week in the middle of crazy fashion week madness, but in the meantime I’m enjoying a 3 day weekend with fun friends from Vancouver and the east coast in town. We just moved into a shiny new space in Marvista, CA (just east of Venice) and about 10 minutes from the beach and I am absolutely LOVING it! Marvista has that cool, eclectic up and coming vibe without the traffic and “unique personality” of the Venice beach crowd. It’s also super close to Culver City, another newly sprouted area with lots of bars and restos.

If you find yourself over on the Westside, here are some of my favorite things I like to do on the weekends. Wishing you all a safe and sunny Labor Day!










Every Sunday morning, I grab an almond chai latte at the Venice Grind and head a few blocks to the Marvista Farmers Market . Hands down the best market on the west side, where you can grab fresh made pastries from the local French bakery, my favorite Korean spicy tempeh, fresh squeezed organic oj, and beautiful flowers all in one place.


Almost every other day, you can catch me ridin dirty (ha, not really I just wanted to throw in some rap slang) on a spin bike at YAS. The vibe is unpretentious, cool, and houses a yoga room as well to stretch it out after your sweat sesh. Venice is known to be shall we say “good to their locals.” If you’re an out of towner (or one without a “venice” on your license), expect to wait in line at The Other Room, one of the best bars on Abbot Kinney and my favorite place to spy man buns.








One of the best things about Culver City…..Parking! Yes, us Angeleno’s spend most of our days, driving, looking for parking spots, looking for a valet, looking for a garage, and overall finding parking, so when it comes easy it’s definitely a bonus to going somewhere. Okay the two other pluses about Culver; Lundeen’s, an adorable “gift shop” where I find the most amazing one of a kind things for my home. Just last weekend I bought this ceramic hippo which I have no idea what I am going to do with, but I had to have it. Before you head over there and spend all your money, take 10 steps to the left and start at City Tavern; uber rustic, American, and a boat load of great beers on tap. Tip: Grab one of the big booths which have your own beers taps to pour at your leisure.


One the weekends, prepare yourself to spend at least an hour on the PCH from Venice to Malibu, but once you’re there, two spots that make the drive TOTALLY worth it. The first stop;  Malibu Beach Inn. The style and vibe is soo Hamptons/Palm Beach that it’s actually laughable and I LOVE IT. Girls break out the pretty lace dresses and big hats, gents wearing your hermes loafers ensure an instant table overlooking the ocean. Leave the car at the valet (such a great tip because you don’t pay for parking or have to hunt for a spot on PCH) and walk across the street to the Malibu Surf Shack and prepare yourself for one of my newfound obsessions; paddleboarding! I HIGHLY recommend having at least 3 mimosas before you hop on board, mainly because Im that jerk on the sand that is laughing at all the first timers who get totally wrecked on waves as they try to paddle out.

Cheers to the weekend! (Clinking my champs glass as we speak)


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