Heather White: Who Are You and Why Do We Care?

Here it is, summer time 2012 and I thought everyone might need  a little dose of motivation. I called upon the PERFECT lady that I know who is not only super successful, beautiful and talented, but who was also a big mentor and business coach to me when I was in Vancouver. She pointed me in the right direction and was always there to give me some awesome advice in a loving, caring, and understanding way. I truly owe a huge kudos to Heather who is an inspiration to women in business everywhere. Check out what she had to say and why you should listen up.

VG: Who are you?

HW: A Life Design Coach, Speaker and Writer dedicated to supporting clients in creating customized lives.

VG: What makes you tick?

HW: Three things; unleashed passion, unapologetic authenticity, and a love for the truth.

VG: Name your top 5 personality traits or characteristics that you feel have enabled you to be so successful:

HW: Authentic. Compassionate. Articulate. Passionate. Enthusiastic.

VG: Why do we care?

HW: No one teaches us how to be ourselves, accept ourselves fully and then create our life in response to our authentic gifts and talents. I want to be that teacher and that guide.

VG: Tell me a secret (really, tell me a secret)

HW: I don’t keep secrets. That would squash my sense of freedom. And freedom is my #1 priority, my driver and my motivation.

VG: Where are you?

HW: Vancouver BC. (It’s one of the 38 days a year of beautiful blue skies and warm sun. These are the days I live for!)

VG: What did you have for lunch?

HW: Tandoori chicken flatbread.

VG: Paste your last tweet here:

HW: “Never underestimate your ability to change your life. You’re only ever 1 decision away.”

VG: So now what?

HW: I’m writing a book. 20, 000 words down, another 20-30K to go. I’m shopping for an agent to pimp me out to a publisher. I dream of a major publishing deal and a book tour.

About Heather:

Heather White is business and life coach who helps clients strike that sweet spot between grounded self-care and accelerated profitability — because booming growth should be blissful. 

As the CEO of 2020 Communications Inc., Heather is based in Vancouver, BC, but frequently travels throughout North America to ignite organizations into action.  She’s passionate about helping clients create the life that matches their authentic way of operating, so that they can share their natural gifts and talents with the world.

For those seeking a confident guide to galvanize their business and life, you may have found what you’re looking for in Heather White.

Twitter: @Heather2020




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