Dream Interpreting and Why I Need to Move to Nashville

I’m going to start this out with a disclaimer: Take everything you are about to read with a grain of salt. My thoughts are about as fickle as a 5-year-old trying to decide what to have for dinner and some days I want to just do charity work for the rest of my life and learn to play a banjo and ride rescued horses around Paramount Ranch…but, those dreams are about as far-fetched as the story I’m about to tell you (see last line)

These past few months I’ve gone on two “life changing” adventures. One in December to Nashville, TN and the other to George, WA for the Sasquatch Music Festival last month. In PR, you deal with a LOT of publicists, some nice….some NOT so nice and I have to say that music publicists (at least the ones that I’ve dealt with) are some of the nicest pr’s in the business. Added to the fact that they get to run around town with uber cool, talented musicians…equals my dream job.

Nashville, TN trip in December was NO DOUBT one of my favorite places to spend a weekend. PR TIP: Just like you manage client expectations (Yes, we will totally pitch the Ellen Show for you to go on and talk about your new feet warmers), you must manage vacation expectations. I had a dream that Nashville was “bright lights, big city” but, in fact it was one of the coolest “little cities” I’ve ever been to. I did my research on elle.com and sussed out some of the new hot spots in the city. It’s so cool how they convert old filling stations to restos/bars/shops, like imogene + willie. Have you heard of this denim shop? You MUST MUST check out their story here. I was watching the video yesterday and it literally brought me to tears. The hard work and dedication of the people behind this brand are what America truly stands for and just what we need now. And that to me is true Nashville. Although Jack White and The Black Keys and a number of artists have made their home in Nashville, one thing is for sure,  omit any LA attitude you might have before you go there. The people in Nashville are true class, true talent, and some of the most hard-working people I’ve ever seen. The roots of one of the biggest movements in music happened here and its now an emerging mecca of the new era of music. I have dreams of moving to Nashville and just casually sitting on the porch sharing fashion secrets with Karen Elson…perhaps this is where my Jack White dream comes in?? Hmmm…mysterious. PR TIP: This is a seriously promising scene for music styling.

If you’re not a fan of the whole “scene” that Coachella has become, then I HIGHLY recommended taking the trip out to the Sasquatch Festival . About 2 hours outside of Seattle, in George, WA and the main stage overlooks the beautiful Columbia River. Most people choose to camp (glampers need not apply, we’re roughing it here people), thankfully I had an RV to stay in which I highly recommend. The highlights were definitely seeing Bon Iver perform after sunset (brought me to tears) and Jack White (see dream reference above). PR TIP: Connect with the music publicists here before the festival for  your clients, as they are really open to receiving gifts/free goodies for their artists.

All in all, I don’t know why pr’s haven’t yet got on the band wagon of the incredible opportunities available for their clients with these festivals. It’s not just Coachella! Loosen up your feather headband and seek out these other cool summer happenings (SXSW, Outside Lands, Bonaroo..) and create some cool life experiences while you’re at it. Who knows, it just might create some really amazing dreams about Jack White that seem to recur every other day and end in a happy marriage and a few incredibly talented mini Whites running around in Nashville with genes like that of Karen Elson’s. (This never happened….)






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