Wanna Ride Bikes?

In case you’ve been living under a rock this past week (or just hiding under one like some of us), you know that it’s that special time that comes around once a year that people actually get involved in taking steps to better our planet. For some special earth dwellers, you’ve been practicing your green thumb year ‘round before Earth Day comes and to you I say Kudos! Thank you for helping to make our home a little bit greener.

So this week, I’ve got an extra special initiative that I would love to share with you from the people at Steaz. They just launched an incredible campaign a few weeks ago that is all about bringing people together to celebrate and showcase what makes them unique through a video forum. You submit your video on mysteaz.com and Viola, you are entered to win 5k for yourself and 5k for a charity of choice. On the heels of that, this Sunday the Steaz team is getting together on electric bikes and riding the South Bay board walk to help promote the Steaz-y lifestyle, mysteaz.com, and pass out free Steaz! Sunshine, the beach, bike rides, and tasty organic beverages…I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Earth Day. Oh wait, I could! Did I mention that my two favorite Canadians in the entire world will be doing the My Steaz ride (@Janette_Ewen and @CarineRedmond) And if you don’t come out for that alone, perhaps this will entice you: The last time Janette and I rode bikes together we were on a tandem bicycle in Venice on the boardwalk and literally getting run over by everyone else, not to mention that I fell off the bicycle about 3xs. I didn’t realize that riding bikes isn’t as easy as “riding a bike.” It should be a circus people. Come on out.



(Last two images from mysteaz.com)


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