Allison Pigden: Who Are You and Why Do We Care? (Sharing Love: Creating Your Own Destiny)

Not to sound like a bitter person, but Valentine’s day to me is like New Years Eve; a whole love of expectations and a big let down. So this year, I’ve decided to focus not on finding love, being in love, or wishing for love, but instead wanted to write a post about finding yourself. This year has brought about some HUGE transitions in both my personal and professional life (don’t worry I’ll get to that at a later date) and I am a strong believer in attracting the right kind of energy, surrounding yourself with positive people, and creating your own destiny. Now is the time! If you don’t like something about your life (no matter if its a boyfriend/girlfriend or work environment), change it!  Only you can be responsible for your own success.

When you are able to think clear about your goals and your future, you will not only attract love, but find that everything will begin to fall into place just like its supposed to be. I’m hoping that this post( with one of my very good friends Alli) will inspire you all to follow your dreams and give you the courage to take the leap of faith to whatever career path you might want to stroll down. I first met Alli when she was styling for MTV Canada and she is now known a successful and incredibly smart PR girl. Read on about her transition into “our world.”

VG: Who are you?

AP: A fashion savvy social butterfly taking in the world of PR one stiletto step at a time. Small town Winnipeg girl moves to Toronto to follow her dreams, attend’s Ryerson University’s Fashion Communications program, and lands her first job as stylist to the hosts for MTV Canada (Amazing!) Followed by a big leap into PR. The leap has brought nothing but new experiences, new knowledge and self discovery.

VG: What makes you tick?

AP: Fashion. Starbucks. My little yorkie. Time with girlfriends. Spa days.Travel. A good workout. A fabulous meal and…. Fantastic wine (bliss).

VG: Name your top 5 personality traits or characteristics that you feel have enabled you to be so successful:

AP: Confidence. Charisma. A polished and classy appearance. Organization. The drive for success.

VG: Why do we care?

AP: Im definitely seeking out more community and volunteer opportunities in Toronto and look forward to getting out there and putting my charisma and charm to good use 🙂

VG: Tell me a secret (really, tell me a secret)

AP: I’ll tell you a good one over a glass of wine…

VG: Where are you?

AP: Downtown Toronto

VG: What did you have for lunch?

AP: Spaghtetti squash with sundried tomatoes, eggplant & roasted chickpeas – healthy! (I was still hungry and was anxious for snack time…)

VG: Paste your last tweet here:

AP: Seriously thinking Coachella needs to happen with @VANGUARDPR @Janette_Ewen @SupplyDemandLA and possibly @rachieskar

VG: So now what?

AP: I’d like to leap up that PR career ladder, possibly to a different city in Canada, the U.S or even Europe. Within 5 years I’d like to see some outstanding cities in the U.S that are on my list, take a minimum of a 2 week trip to Italy and see as much as I possibly can, take a wine course or become a certified sommelier (on my bucket list), marry the person I see myself with for the rest of my life (he’s currently taking a while to show up… jeez) and eventally thinking about the possibility of starting a family.

There’s nothing like having goals and big dreams – the best thing is achieving them and here’s how she did just that:

AP: After four intense and incredible years in Ryerson’s Fashion Communications program, 2 years at MTV Canada with the coveted wardrobe stylist job “that a million girls would kill for” it was time for a change and a new challenge. That change landed me smack in middle of the fast paced world of PR. The transition was quick and exciting! The most interesting thing about the transition was going from playing the role of ‘the media’ to the person who reaches out to and communicates with the media. However, I feel that has played a very strong part in my success in the PR world at this point.

PR is such a communication based industry that I would advise future PR savvy peeps to stay true to who they are, network as much as possible, stay up-to-date on what’s happening in not only the world but your immediate city (resto openings, events, etc) and get out there and socialize! Live the life of what you do, do it in style and have fun while doing it.


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