Defining success in the PR World

Everyone defines “success” in different ways. When I made the leap from being in a corporate in house PR position to starting my own agency I had a LOT of expectations that had to be met in order for me to feel comfortable jumping off the deep end in a world of the unknown. I was scared of failure, I was scared of not having a paycheck every other week, and most of all I was scared of disappointing those that had put their trust in me. I think as a business owner, you still live with those fears (a little bit) everyday BUT what soothes this anxiety a bit is that I am incredibly confident in my abilities in PR (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I do) and work for clients that I consider some of my closest friends. I’m sure I could take a poll of people in this industry that take on clients that they may not totally love (but need to take on for financial reasons), which makes it a bit difficult to enjoy pitching, working 12+ hours per day, and putting your heart and soul into making sure they are happy as a client.

The success of our company is not only build upon the virtues of honesty, respect, communication, and love for both what we do and who we work for, but it is also upon the fact that everyday I wake up and am honored to work for people who are truly grateful for what we do for them. My success is defined by knowing that I have surrounded myself with people in work and in life that propel me, support me, and have a genuine love and respect for what our agency is able to achieve for them.

I asked a few of my closest and most successful friends in the PR industry what defines their success and here’s what they had to say.

Carine Redmond,

“You know you’ve made it as a publicist when you’re the story.”








Kate Slean, Communications Coordinator

“The first time I felt that I’d made it was when a reporter called to set up an interview only minutes after I’d hit send on the email pitch. That was pretty special.”







Lisa Kwong of Tait PR

“You know you’ve made it when…You throw a huge launch party that everyone is still talking about six months later. A clear sign you’ve done your job well.” 







Brigitte Foisy of

“You know you made it when…you get up in the morning and feel you’re exactly where you should be, accomplishing what you were put on this earth to do. It is living and breathing with the confidence that you are making a difference with the gifts, talents and strengths god’s giving you. Being where you should be just brings joy and fulfillment that makes you the person you should be without regrets or compromise. The best person you can be for your family, for your organization, for your clients.”





Charise Mariel Garcia of Kaeru Communications

“You know you’ve made it when… you receive an email in your inbox with the subject line “URGENT VOGUE REQUEST”







Heather Davis former publicist at Think PR

“When you get a call from a friend telling you she saw your business in Oprah mag” or “When you tell a stranger your business name and they tell you they read the article about you in xxx”

Crosby Noricks of

“You’ve know you’ve made it when you get to decide where, when, and with whom you work for.” 







Christie Hill of

““You know you’ve made it when—your boss stops calling/emailing after 8pm because she knows you’ve got it taken care of””


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