Nicole Ritchie-Oseen: Who Are You and Why Do We Care?

I’ve got a confession. You can keep a secret right? Being surrounded by my past and present clients gives me a bit of the heeby jeeby’s (in a good way). They are some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs and have chosen a path for their business that is not only a successful business model, but came into “the game” on the premise of basically hoping to “save the world” to put it lightly.

While I’ve been in the fashion industry for many years now (and no I won’t reveal my age! Geesh Im a lady!) I have to admit, some days I get jaded of all this “fashion talk” about trends and blah blah blah. I mean shouldn’t I be out there saving the world or something? But then I look at people like Nicole Ritchie-Oseen, who we spoke to below and know that fashion doesn’t always have to be all material things, and that through the visions of eco entrepreneurs, we can shape the world. Read on and get lifted.

VG: Who are you?

NRO: I’m Nicole Ritchie-Oseen. My last name gets a lot of comments. I’ve yet to come up with a witty comeback. I own an eco clothing boutique, body politic. If I had to choose one thing to bring me joy for the rest of my days – that would be dogs!

VG: What makes you tick

NRO:My family and friends keep me sane and I am so lucky to have such a solid group of people surrounding me and supporting me every step of my journey. For what I bring to the table, I believe these are the traits I have that see me through:

1.Stubborn-ness: It really has helped me! I committed myself to an idea, and as difficult as it was, I’ve achieved it! Perhaps “determined” is a nicer way of stating it?

2.Creativity – I’m a chronic day-dreamer and I’m happier when I can indulge in that.

3.Being Responsible – Not in the boring sense, but in the way that I feel I have a responsibility to “Do Good” in whatever role I may have at the moment.

4.Simpleness –  I like being behind the scenes and that allows me to grow ideas without worrying what others might think first!

5. Being Independent – I like working on my own and I feel like I get in my “zone” easily. I opened my business when the sky was falling in 2008. Not necessarily the ideal time to start a new company but like I said…I’m stubborn…

VG: Why do we care?

NRO: I’m not sure that you should! In all honesty all I’m doing is trying to play a part in the industry I love (fashion!) without being a jerk about it. There are so many aspects of the industry that are truly disgusting, but rather than writing it off completely I’m trying to show myself, and others, that we do have a choice and can shape it into something better. Sustainable, in fact!

VG: Tell me a secret (really, tell me a secret)

NRO: I cry….A lot. It’s how I cope and it’s probably “ok” as far as dealing with stress goes. I read an interview with Natalie Massenet (founder of Net-a-Porter) and she stated that she cried every day for a year when struggling with her new business. I can sort of relate!

VG: Where are you?

NRO: At my “home office,” AKA my kitchen table. It’s always piled high with paper instead of delicious meals.

VG: What did you have for lunch?

NRO: Lemon yogurt.

VG: Paste your last tweet here:

NRO: “RT: @NaomiAKlein So proud that the Canadian government is a glorified ad agency for Big Oil. Our tax dollars at work #tarsands” (I can’t say they’re always this political!)

VG: So now what?

NRO: I feel like I’m always thinking about the future and it’s constantly changing! What I ultimately want to achieve is a sense of being content in my day-to-day day life. I want adventure but I want my “real life” to be as I like it. I’ve realized I can’t control everything (which goes against my stubborn nature). As a 20-something I’ve really planned every single step of the way and I’m ready to let go a bit and see where the wind takes me next!

Inspired yet? Nicole was so delightful to interview and is always such a down to earth person. I’ve had the pleasure to met her mom, who basically inspired her to start her business, and its easy to see where she gets her sweet, genuine personality from. Support her and save the earth. Shop at!


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