Natalie Kathleen: Who Are You and Why Do We Care?

When I reflect back on all of the great people and friends I have met while in Vancouver, one of them stands out amongst them. Natalie Kathleen, the owner of Sienna Ray Handbags was just my type of gal. An entrepreneur with a serious passion for what she was doing, we bonded over Absinthe martinis after long nights of fun conversation. We promised to always have one night a month where we shared our love of culture (people dont go to the opera enough in this city!) and explored new things about Vancouver. Natalie’s drive and commitment to life, love, and her company continue to inspire the many who have met her and well, Im just proud to call her my friend. Read on to check out why you should care.

VG: Who are you?

NK: Natalie Kathleen, a young woman passionate in making the most of life one day at a time. A loving sister, a generous friend, a grateful daughter and the founder and head of Sienna Ray & Co. a luxurious handbag & footwear brand.

VG: What makes you tick?

NK: I am naturally very curious, competitive, energetic, compassionate and adventurous – all together I run a very fast paced life with a fantastic work hard / play hard mentality.l’m always keen to make the most of every opportunity in front of me. My life is continuously keeping me on my toes, full of many interesting experiences and memories.

VG: Why do we care?

NK: I smile at strangers in the street. Simple as that, I believe that adding a little unsolicited brightness into other people’s lives can spread peacefulness throughout the community and society.

VG: Tell me a secret (really, tell me a secret)

NK: I have an odd fascination for small spoons and straws in all my drinks…

VG: Where are you?

NK: Gastown Vancouver for summer!

VG: What did you have for lunch?

NK: Is 4pm still considered lunch? Soy latte, carrot sticks, snow peas & almonds – saving myself for a yummy dinner out on the town!

VG: Paste your last tweet here:

NK: “dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions” edgar cayce

VG: So now what?

NK: It’s difficult enough to know what I am doing come autumn let alone 5 years….However following my “you can’t get what you don’t ask for” mantra, I will be enjoying my days designing and promoting and now greatly expanded Sienna Ray & Co. accessories collection for both woman and men. I will be enjoying my nights and weekends with my friends at whichever international destination I currently call home – enjoying a life of much travel, adventures & laughter.

Check out Sienna Ray’s latest collection here:



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