Janette Ewen: Who Are You And Why do We Care?

Many of you may (or may not) know that I just moved back to LA and with decorating our brand new office and my new place, I’ve been on a serious hunt for furniture and decor. One person that I can ALWAYS that has AMAZING design inspiration (that she tweets about) is interior stylist, Janette Ewen. Seriously, everything she posts about is something that I am DYING to try my hand at doing for our office and my place. I figured she would make a great”Person of Interest.” Not only is she an amazing design stylist, she is also such a “girls girl,” the kind of person you meet and just immediately hit it off with. Oh, and she’s not too hard on the eyes either.

Check out what she had to tell us!

VG: Who are you?

JE: My name is Janette Ewen and I’m a quirky gal based out of Toronto. I work as an on air interior stylist and my most recent show is Inside the Box with Ty Pennington. I get to co-host with Ty- super-beyond cool! My biggest passions are entertaining and travel, which my new upcoming project will capture the both of.

VG: What makes you tick

JE: I am a go-go-go person. I’ll work my butt off if my work involves creating anything. I get bored very easily, so I’m always seeking new inspiration, projects, things to see. Once I find something I am extremely focused. I (for the most part) enjoy meeting people and really getting to know them. I’m very genuine and I think this has helped me build an amazing network of friends and contacts. I don’t take no for an answer.

Justin Bieber said it best, “never say never”. In my world there are plenty of people who will try to discourage you, knock you down, say you don’t fit in and so on, so I decided a long time ago to use negativity as a motivator… “Don’t think I can do a something? Watch me!”

I’m not about money, which is almost on a fault on some levels. I will never sacrifice my core values for money. I find this has helped my career, as my decisions are driven from my heart and passion. I’ll take my freedom over stuff any day.

VG: Why do we care?

JE: Giving back is so important to me. One thing I am very proud of is my work with young women in several charities. I also think providing an opportunity is so rewarding. I never ask young people to work for me for free. I was so proud to not have one unpaid staff member on my Inside the Box with Ty Pennington design team. I hired all summer students, they learned a ton about the industry, and were able to save money for school and day-to-day expenses. I think that you can always create opportunities to teach people and  everyone deserves a chance to learn

VG: Tell me a secret (really, tell me a secret)

JE: This one is a shame secret: I was a dork in high school! Not one boy EVER asked me to dance or on a date. As well, when I was 25, I entered the world of magazines (a little late in the game). For my first interview at Chatelaine Magazine, I wore an out of style suit and the pants were floods- I mean shin skimmers, I was so broke at the time I couldn’t afford a new outfit. When I finally interviewed with the editor in chief I had saved enough money to sew an outfit (I made a dress) for five dollars, she asked me if it was a Theory dress, I lied and said yes. So insecure, now I am proud of how resourceful I have had to be! Oh and I am a horrible speller.

VG: Where are you?

JE: Right now? I’m sitting out on my terrace (all 76 square feet of it) in Toronto… thinking about how I get to go to Kelowna in 3 days!!

VG: What did you have for lunch?

JE: It’s 3:30 and I haven’t had lunch yet! Although I am debating between a Lean Cuisine and a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.

VG: Paste your last tweet here:

JE: Lets try that link again… I did something wrong!! @jillianharris @VANGUARDPR jillianharris.com/post/five-home…

VG: So now what?

JE: In 5 years I’d like to have a successful show on PBS. Produce shows for some of the young talent out there. Own a pub (in Santa Monica). Be a good wife to someone (stop laughing!). Have started a new charity that assists the “working poor.” I would also really like to have the time to be in one place long enough to be on a lawn bowling team (we’d have green uniforms).

VG: What do I think it takes for people to achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations in life?

JE: One word, fearlessness… There is nothing, nothing, people can’t do if they just do it. All the time people ask what did I do to have my career, my life. I just jumped in. I am still jumping in and I have such a long way to go, but I will never be afraid of what happens only afraid of not trying. Just get up and do it, for real, what is the worst that can happen? I don’t care if I fail a million times, I will try again and I will stick it!

For great interior design tips and inspiration, follow Janette on twitter @janette_ewen.


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    thanks for the great write up!

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