Inside Design: The story behind the green renovation of the brand new Nicole Bridger Flagship Boutique

I’ve got a secret to share. I’m completely and utterly obsessed with Elle Decor Magazine. Literally, it’s a publication that I sit in astonishment and just stare at the pages pondering where in the world these people get such amazing things and how can I ever find a way to part with $10k for a sofa. And even if I could afford that sofa, it would probably be the only thing in my apartment. (I kid I kid).

When my client Nicole Bridger told me that she was in the midst of opening and designing her very first flagship boutique in Vancouver, it opened up the floodgates to design questions. Among them; tell me theres a less expensive eco friendly version of everything I see in Elle Decor and where do you even start when designing an “sustainable store front?”

Luckily, Nicole Bridger called on green interior design expert Kate Cannata from New Leaf Interiors in Vancouver to get down to beautifying the space (Which was formerly a mattress store. Can you believe it)?

Here are some of the incredible materials used in the construction  on the Bridger boutique at 2151 W. 4th in Vancouver, BC as told to us by Kate Cannata and some pics from the inside (*courtesy of Leo Cai).

“The features of the store are the many renewable resources including the 100-year-old douglas fir display shelves. These solid wood shelves were converted from beams purchased from a church demolition site in Vancouver. More importantly, to avoid excessive construction waste, the team decided to use plaster over the gypsum board instead of replacing the many imperfect walls. The lime plaster cuts carbon footprint in a variety of ways. The longevity also makes it an excellent green building choice because it will not need to be replaced or maintained regularly like other building methods. Lime Plaster can be recycled, reused and also is resistant to mold and fungus, increasing the quality of the air when used indoors.”

“In addition, New Leaf chose to use concrete with radiant floor heating. This combination with the lime plaster will require less energy to achieve better thermal comfort at a lower thermostat setting. Another benefit includes, providing the store with more usable area and reducing the need for additional building materials.”

“Other materials used in the store include; Paperstone for signage (recycled paper composite), the 3-Form Varia Eco-Resin chandelier from Vancouver based designers Propellor (40% postconsumer recycled material), and Farrow & Ball Paints (all natural pigments/No VOC).”


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