Papa, Paparazzi

As an agency, I have to say Vanguard throws some pretty amazing parties. Now I’m not an event planner or wedding planner BUT I am a planner in my everyday life (does that count?), so what do I contribute this success to? Well for one thing, if you’ve been to one of our client events, you will notice that all of the themes are very different and all of them really work perfectly to fit the clients boutique and personality.

Every day editors are flooded with emails from people about, fashion show this, socialite party that, free drinks here, glow sticks there, so as a PR you’ve got to make your theme stand out. Be different, be unique, have all the right people there (no, random food bloggers at a fashion event don’t count), and for goodness sake be selective! The biggest things I notice when going to events, is A. Hospitality: Does someone welcome you at the door and make you feel at home B. Ambiance: What is the mood of the event and is it properly portrayed (IE at the Lynn Steven event, we had this high society tea theme; hence the harp player when media entered) C. Who’s Who: Were the people attending really key influencers in the city that needed to be there in order to help expose the client or did the pr just invite people to simply fill the room? That last point is really one of my biggest pet peeves and goes back to “being selective”. You notice when random people are there, so take the time to do your research and have people at your event that actually matter.

I hope this leaves all you up and coming pr’s out there with a bit of insight into event planning. I mean I could go on forever, but I digress…as I’ve got a box of Christmas Candy to eat and presents to wrap here people!

I wanted to also take the time to thank our AMAZING sponsors for the events that we planned in 2010. We simply could NOT do it without you! Oh and one other thing, don’t fill your gift bags with fliers and paper that people are just going to throw out anyways (what a waste of trees!), Sweet Baby Jesus. Bring together generous, fabulous sponsors that want to be present at an event you plan.

And a big jingle on my bells to all of our INCREDIBLE clients we worked with on past events in 2010.

Client: BODY POLITIC Boutique
Theme: Eco Shops for a Cause
Supported by: David Suzuki, Aveda, Eco Fashion Week, Granville Magazine, Green Sapphire Jewelry, Nicole Bridger, Sarah Holmes Jewelry, Dutzi, Summerhill Winery, Snailhouse Vegan Bakery

Client: Oliver and Lilys Boutique
Theme: A two year anniversary summer soiree (below)
Supported by: Nicole Ginsberg Jewelry, Walrus Store, Summerhill Winery, Deanna Palkowski (stylist for video), Kevin Hagell (who did the amazing video), models Kelly Ann and Natalie , Ashley Gesner (makeup artist for video), Gloss Bar., and Skoah.

Lynn Steven
Theme: High Society Media Luncheon (below)
Supported by: JK Models, Libre Tea, Green Sapphire Jewelry, Namasthe Tea Co, Pureology, Suki’s Hair,, BeautyMark, Olla Flowers, How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World by Jordan Christy, and myfaceworks.

Client: Vincent Park Boutique
Theme: Cheap Monday Cult Club Launch (below)
Supported by: Cheap Monday, Ion Magazine, HevyD’s Kettle Korn, Cheekd, Love that White Smile, Strange Beautiful Nail Polish, and A Farmers Daughter Jewelry.


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