What Eco Fashion Means to Me

While we were in the midst of planning for our first eco shops for a cause event
in Vancouver at sustainable boutique, body politic, I was inspired. Now typically these brave bold inspirations come in my sleep (I kid you not) but this time I wanted to show how very different and personal values are when it comes to eco fashion and lifestyle. So I asked my friends and a handful of those deep in the trenches of both the fashion industry and other who just live the life of a green conscious citizen.

So in one sentence, what does eco fashion mean to you? My personal feelings on this movement are very involved because as many of you know, our agency caters to clients with a select eco/green philosophy and image. I think my love for this whole eco movement started when i became i vegetarian almost 9 years ago now. I believe having a love for the earth and respecting the planet goes hand in hand with being a vegetarian and being mindful of what you are putting into/onto your body. Once you start to see what goes on in the meat industry, you begin to open your eyes up to a healthy lifestyle so with that I wanted to take care of the planet (seeing as that is where my food was coming from).

My love for eco fashion started with the first Vogue issue which I believe is what really brought this whole green media movement to the forefront. I mean once huge books like Vogue start dedicating entire issues focused on taking action for the planet, someone’s gotta take note. Of course there were tons of blogs focused on environmental issues that emerged before this, but I think Vogue really shined its spotlight on these issues to the masses (or at least those in the fashion industry.)

Now everyday is an inspiration working with clients like Nicole Bridger who won Canada’s first ever award focused on highlighted designers creating a change and propelling the eco fashion movement, along with others like Dutzi who is helping women in Mexico make a better life for themselves through the design process and Eoin Finn who lives in complete harmony with nature while still being able to travel across the world spreading his message of yoga, bliss, and love. I am thankful to know that everyday I am making a difference, not only through helping my clients spread their message of earth changing philosophy, but to be inspired to know that I am doing what I can to help the world be a better place.

Eco Fashion to me is, “Creating a place, through inspirational concepts and design, of love and harmony that enable a greener world for our future generation.”

Christina McPhail, Online Marketing Manager for Granville Online and self professed Eco Crusader
“Eco-fashion shows us not just that eco-principles can be infused into every part of our modern lives, but that they must – we only have one planet and caring for it means the world to all of us.”

Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, Blogista for Yogue
“Eco fashion is the essential marriage of what are seemingly two opposing forces, the sustainable principles of ecological sensitivity and the perception of fashion being something that is only trendy and disposable.”

Nicole Bridger, Designer of Nicole Bridger
“It means being able to live within my socially conscious values while still getting to express myself aesthetically.”

Ariane Dutzi, dutzi designs
“eco is love for our planet Earth. our planet Earth is beauty. eco fashion is beauty and love combined.”

Amy Dufault, Owner of Shift boutique and fashion editor for eco salon dot com
“A walk back to when we cared about what we wore, who it came from, how it was constructed and supporting small business.”

Donna Bishop, executive editor, Bamboo magazine
“Eco fashion means embodying your sense of style while living thoughtfully – be it supporting retailers and designers that engage in sustainable and ethical practices; shopping vintage or second hand; buying thoughtfully instead of on impulse.”

Jennifer Smith Tapp, editor in chief, Kouture magazine
“To me, eco-fashion means being mindful of the way that clothing is produced and what effect it has on the environment.”

NIcole Ritchie Oseen, owner, body politic boutique
“For me eco fashion is not just about the clothing; it’s about living consciously, authentically, and is a reflection of my personality and values that goes way beyond “personal style.”

Myriam Laroche, president, Eco Fashion Week
“Eco Fashion is a responsible and conscious fashion.”

IMAGES from Nicole Bridger’s fw10 collection


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