The good, the bad, and the ugly in the beauty industry

I’m sure we’ve all heard about them, the so called “dirty dozen,” the poisonous parabens, the sodium lauryl sulfates, and the handful of other hard to pronounce chemicals that just may be lurking under the prettily packaged make up must have’s of the season. From the pages of Cosmo to the nightly reports on MSN, I was advised to banish all traces of artificial intelligence from the lotion I excessively slather on my face to my favorite lip glossy or risk cancer or worse, death! Now for the majority of the population, who receive their facts from a highly informed and non biased source such as the nightly news (Of course I am being sarcastic, we all know the news/media has a great way of making us believe what they want us to.) they you too probably jumped on the bandwagon to dump your cosmetic carcinogens and opt for more “natural” “organic” makeup and skin care options.

Now like the sleuth that I am, I was ready to get down and dirty (not literally) to the hardcore facts about these so-called “dirty dozen” and I knew just the person to chat with. You see, we just brought on board a fab new skin care line named Beauty Through Balance and the founder, Sherina Jamal has a big background in science and beauty and will be talking to us a bit later on the blog about what’s really going on in our makeup bags and putting some of these myths to rest (or at least giving her highly scientific view of things.)

From a pr standpoint, it’s always important whenever you bring on a new client to assess their brand characteristics and see what different aspects they are bringing into the marketplace. For Beauty Through Balance, they have an incredible angle about how they are partnering to ethically harvest the key ingredients found in their natural skin care line, such as the Acai from the Amazon, Lavender from France, and glacial clay from BC and also use fresh natural indigenous ingredients. One of my favorite parts about this line is how they harvest the Seaweed in their Signature series line and the key benefits of Seaweed in their line. Read on to hear more the good, the bad, and the not so stinky facts about Seaweed in beauty products.

Intergrifolia Pacific Kelp is one of the fastest growing kelp plants in North America – indigenous to the Pacific West Coast and harvested in the most pristine areas North of Vancouver Island where there are no shipping lanes and reflects of the purity found in the waters over 200 years ago.  The Seaweed is collected straight from the ocean beds where it is at its freshest and most alive state. The purity of the waters and location of the water’s turbulence helps to maintain mineralization in the plant.

Beauty Through Balance’s Eco-harvesters are also environmentalists and have very strict guidelines in place to ensure the the environment and eco-system is not disrupted.

The environment and eco-system are protected by their harvesters in the following ways:

  • Hand harvested using experienced divers that follow very strict guidelines in proper, safe pruning.
  • Harvesting only twice a year to avoid harvesting in the spring to protect herring and also between June to August during salmon runs.
  • Harvesters remove the tip or first 9 feet of the seaweed which grows back in just 3 to 5 days. The fast growing nature of this specific kelp plant means no disruption of the eco-system and marine life that rely on the plant for nutrients.
  • Our harvesters cooperate directly with the government and maintain aboriginal interests.

Sustainable Processing methods

  • Within 8 to 12 hours after the seaweed is collected, it is washed with purified water and a method called Cold Processing is used to make it into a concentrated liquid form.
  • Cold Processing is an advanced yet very gentle method and unlike other processing methods,  maintains all of the seaweeds nutritional value without the use of any high temperature or pressure. The method of cold processing uses every bit of the seaweed and leaves no waste, where other processing methods such as cold pressing/dehydration etc. involves wastage of certain key active parts of the seaweed and in turn  contains a lower nutritional value.
  • Cold Processing used in the Beauty Through Balance seaweed is highly nutritious maintaining the extensive mineral range in this seaweed plant.

Other Key facts – Why the Beauty Through Balance Seaweed and Seaweed Products are superior.

  • Seaweed Smell – Some people assume that products that incorporate fresh seaweed would maintain that very pungent strong seaweed smell one would smell while perhaps walking on the beach.

The cold processed raw seaweed and finished skin care products that incorporate this seaweed do not have this scent.

Here’s the lowdown smelly on the seaweed:

In most cases that strong scent of Seaweed one smells comes from seaweed that has long left the ocean beds and has been floating or has landed on the beach. These loose seaweed stalks are decomposing or have already decomposed.  The strong seaweed smell also comes from fish residue on the kelp which is a natural process however “old” seaweed stalks that have left the ocean bed often contain decomposing fish residues.  Processing methods that are not as advanced as Cold Processing such as; simple cold pressing or washing/air drying or dehydrating, are not often capable of removing some of these fish residues.

Seaweed that grows closer to shore and has washed up closer to shore,  often contains more general bacteria and has been found to contain levels of contaminants and bacteria, which are found closer to the shore.

In order for seaweed to actually benefit the skin topically it needs to be processed in a form that will maintain its nutritional value and ensure purity.  Many skin care products that use seaweed are inferior due to processing methods that involve wastage of key parts of the seaweed plant and poor harvesting practices. This  may also involve the collection of seaweed that has already begun to decomposes or contains fish residues that are decomposing.  In turn you are left with a lower grade quality skin care product that not only smells like seaweed but does not provide the many benefits a purely processed and properly harvested seaweed can make.

In using seaweed, it is critical that specific regulated harvesting methods are used that will not disrupt the environment, the eco-system and will maintain all of the integrity of the seaweed.

Seaweed is highly beneficial not just internally but also topically for promoting healthy, youthful and vibrant skin.


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