Heaven in a Hammock (the ultimate office accessory)

One of the most important things about business, specifically the business of fashion pr, is that you always have to keep your people happy. That goes for clients, employees, the media, and every one you come into contact with on a daily basis. You wouldn’t believe how a simple smile from a stranger or friendly email can effect those you are in contact with. (Of course let me state that some people need a little more encouragement, but then again as prs we are supposed to be mind readers as well and able to predict clients and media needs and wants in a split second)

So after an always inspirational meeting with our fabulous client Eoin Finn who is seriously the most positive and happy person I know, I begin to question just how to add some good vibes and upbeat energy to our office environment. Everyone always needs a little change of pace!

Then I figured it out. Right in the midst of writing the new press release for Eoin’s hammock enlightenment while sitting in the utmost of comfort in my backless bar stool, I thought I could use a little decreased cortisol and a more comfortable cradle to support my bones and a hammock is just the thing.

Eoin set out to prove that you can save the world by getting in a hammock for just five minutes a day.The whole idea behind “hammock enlightenment” came from Finn’s realization that what really harms most people and affects their longevity is the buildup of every day stress.  Much of the stress in life comes from the need to achieve more and more, to keep up with the Jones or join the rat race.

So go ahead and just hang out in hammock. Your employees mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it.


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