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The good, the bad, and the ugly in the beauty industry

I’m sure we’ve all heard about them, the so called “dirty dozen,” the poisonous parabens, the sodium lauryl sulfates, and the handful of other hard to pronounce chemicals that just may be lurking under the prettily packaged make up must … Continue reading

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Congrats to Nicole Bridger, Vanguard Client Extraordinaire and now Canada’s Top Eco Designer!

While some designers work many, many years for recognition as the best in their field, others are just so ahead of the game that the gates to the shiny catwalks of NY beckon at precisely the right time. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Heaven in a Hammock (the ultimate office accessory)

One of the most important things about business, specifically the business of fashion pr, is that you always have to keep your people happy. That goes for clients, employees, the media, and every one you come into contact with on … Continue reading

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Show Mom some love with sustainable style from body politic

Most people in Vancouver know that for fashion, the go-to green destination is sustainable shop body politic (on 12th and Main) where independent designers from Canada and the U.S., such as Feral Childe, Josh Podoll, She-Bible, Dagg & Stacey, Nixxi, … Continue reading

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